Wandering Hummingbird's

Statement of Inspiration

We are amazing Holistic practitioners. We are here to share in the self care of the creators of a better world. We are here to help create that better world through the sharing of safe healing touch. Our love language is physical touch. Everyday we make 1000's of choices. As a Wandering Hummingbird our choice is simple: love, share, connect, and provide award-winning world-class massage to the creators around us. 

Meet the hummingbirds 

Wandering Hummingbird Pam


Wandering Hummingbird Grant


Wandering Hummingbird Elise


Wandering Hummingbird Amanda



Pam has been a massage practitioner since 2000. A graduate of the Brenneke School of Massage, Pam has practiced massage in a wide variety of settings including physical therapy and chiropractic clinics, in private practice focusing on pregnancy and postpartum massage, and even working with horses and dogs. At Wandering Hummingbird Massage, Pam combines these experiences with modalities including Deep Swedish Massage, Balinese Massage, Chinese acupressure, hot towel therapy, and Do-Terra essential oils. When your body needs it, she also incorporates Craniosacral Therapy, visceral manipulation, and deep tissue treatment techniques.

In addition to massage therapy Pam is also a postpartum doula, infant massage instructor, dog walker - plus a few more things! She owns a handknitting business, Beannaigh Traditional Handknitting, where she designs traditional fishermen’s sweaters and teaches knitting classes. She fosters rescue dogs, grows an impressive garden at a nearby pea patch, and loves to ride bikes around her downtown Issaquah neighborhood with her 9-year-old daughter.

Pam’s massage sessions provide a deeply relaxing experience. “Connecting” is her favorite word to describe her bodywork. Our bodies often get us through fast- paced and disconnected days, with tasks broken up into tightly scheduled, sometimes unrelated chunks. We come to think of our bodies in the same way, with “my neck and shoulders” and “my low back” being common areas of focus. Pam puts these pieces back together so that your neck remembers that it belongs with your back, your feet remember that they belong with your hips, your body gets a chance to really rest, and you leave your session feeling a profound sense of ease and connectedness.


Grant Is a recent massage graduate who is excited to learn and grow with the hummingbird team . In addition, He has a background in Exercise Science and Health from the University of Idaho, NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a decorated military veteran. He has a passion for educating clients about their own body and a big proponent of injury prevention in our daily lives. 

He believes that our body has a tremendous potential to better and heal itself. All it needs is the right ingredients: proper nutrition, therapeutic exercise, and a healing touch to facilitate that recovery process. 


The Wandering Hummingbird herself. Elise began giving and receiving healing touch at a very young age.  Shortly after graduating Port Townsend School of Massage, her wandering lead her to learn a multitude of advanced techniques including Lomi Lomi, Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue and more!


Her talents landed her a 3rd place medal in the World Massage Championship in 2017.  Making her one of the most highly sought after massage therapists in the US.


Rightfully named, this wandering therapist made it her mission to open the minds of fellow therapists and show them that there is more to massage than the confines of the room. She inspires therapists and clients alike to appreciate the beauty that is massage.  She creates a sacred space of mind, body and spirit leaving you feeling light and renewed.  Ready to mold yourself into a better creator


Amanda has been a massage therapist for many years and her love of touching and helping people shows in her interactions.


Amanda invites her clients to be held in a comforting space of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Her style is best described as flowing, intentional touch, that leaves the body feeling refreshed, a bit lighter, and more open. Taking time to slow down, listen, and connect, she builds a practice around client centered care.

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