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Wandering Hummingbird's
Statement of Inspiration

Image by Hannah Busing

We are amazing Holistic practitioners. We are here to share in the self care of the creators of a better world. We are here to help create that better world through the sharing of safe healing touch. Our love language is physical touch. Everyday we make 1000's of choices. As a Wandering Hummingbird our choice is simple: love, share, connect, and provide award-winning world-class massage to the creators around us. 




     The Wandering Hummingbird herself. Elise began giving and receiving healing touch at a very young age.  Shortly after graduating Port Townsend School of Massage, her wandering lead her to learn a multitude of advanced techniques including Lomi Lomi, Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue and more!


     Her talents landed her a 3rd place medal in the World Massage Championship in 2017.  Making her one of the most highly sought after massage therapists in the US.


     Rightfully named, this wandering therapist made it her mission to open the minds of fellow therapists and show them that there is more to massage than the confines of the room. She inspires therapists and clients alike to appreciate the beauty that is massage.  She creates a sacred space of mind, body and spirit, leaving you feeling light and renewed. Ready to mold yourself into a better creator. 

Lisa has been practicing massage therapy professionally since 1999.

She specializes in treatment work, and can offer great assistance with issues like whiplash from car accidents. 

Having joined the WHM team in 2021, she looks forward to a future of healing and relieving pain for everyone who comes to see her.






Karen is delighted to celebrate five years doing massage. She has been working at Wandering Hummingbird since August 2022.


Her favorite part about massage is healing through multiple senses, including touch, breathwork, and intuition. Her body work encompasses both relaxation and treatment, as she integrates techniques from Lomi Lomi as well as stretches, whether in the homey atmosphere of Wandering Hummingbird or at a mobile massage, especially outdoors.

She enjoys client communication (at their comfort level, of course) in order to provide the best experience and includes essential oils and hot towels to enhance the sensory experience of every massage. Karen is always broadening her knowledge and technique and invites clients to escape, restore, and possibly discover with her during a massage session.

Marissa Williams LMT has been in the massage field for 15+ years.


You will feel her passion for massage in every session. Her style incorporates many modalities including Swedish relaxation, deep tissue, Thai stretches and Lomi Lomi strokes in her massages.


She also includes warm towels and hot stones to help melt your muscles. Marissa’s work is intentional, intuitive and healing. Her positive attitude and nurturing nature will make you feel comfortable and welcomed.


She is available on Wednesdays and Fridays.





Bio Coming Soon...

Bio Coming Soon...





Mel has been an LMT for 4 years, Federal Way Cortiva (fun fact Jonathan another of the hummingbirds taught classes there for her and her cousin who currently has her own practice in Tacoma). Mel wants her clients to feel better than they did before their massage. In this way she considers her massage type to be versatile, she shapes her sessions with clients, to give them the experience they’re looking for. Let’s just say there’s always a lot of talking in her initial intake, and she encourages you to “nitpick” and help her get it right. She is most grateful for her children, they are her whole heart. Her favorite hobby is random adventuring. 

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Mr.Darcy is an essential part of our operation wether he is getting treats from the hummingbirds or giving love to the clients you can see him hanging around full of love every time he comes into work with Elise. He is very friendly and yesss you can pet him.

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