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We create a comfortable space to allow you to deeply relax. We check in verbally for a few minutes so we can understand where you are at, what your intention is to receive from this session.


I will teach you conscious connected breathing technique in the soft but powerful Revelation breathwork, with a music compilation  followed by relaxation and integration.


Each session is unique and experiences can be different for each individual or from one Breathwork session to the next. You may experience the following, but your experience is not limited to the following benefits:

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A brief check in for intention

10 to 15 minutes of active breathing

 5 minutes of rest and relaxation

 And a brief verbal integration

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Checking for intention, 30 to 40 min of active breathing 15 min of rest and relaxation followed by a 10 minute verbal integration.


Check in to explore your current mental state and set intention for your session.

45 min of active breathing, 20 min rest and relaxation and a deep integration practice.

• Reduced stress, tension or constriction

• Feelings of openness, love, peace, and gratitude, clarity, connection

• Release of trauma or mental, physical and emotional blocks

• Release of anxiety, depression, fear, grief and/or anger

• Access to unconscious memories relevant to your healing

• Deeper states of consciousness and inspiration

Benfits of Breathwork

Group Hug

Group Classes

Being in likeminded community is a healing experience that we elevate through using intention and our breath. As we breath together we grow together. Each individual bringing their unique self to a calm, safe, supportive container of love.

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