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Not just another massage

I am here to create space. Space of mind, body ,and spirit. Your body is the ultimate clay. It loves being massaged, kneaded, stretched, and fluffed. I work the clay, making it wonderfully malleable. You take it home and shape it. If you crave a deep, wonderful healing experience my massage is right for you. There is nothing worse in my mind then going into a massage and coming out still in pain. Relaxation naturally happens when any stuck spots are allowed to release and the energy flow freely around your body. Enlivening the tissue, going past the pain point and breaking up the stuckness is my specialty. Each massage is as unique and special as you are. Your body deserves to be listened to and healed. While not for everyone I am definitely for those who want to leave feeling losey goosey and ready to flow better through their life. 

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