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What's happening, where are we going and a general state of affairs at Wandering Hummingbird

Hello everybody, it's been a bit since I've written and that's because so many things happen at once. 

Current state of affairs 

Elise (me) is in Hawaii not vacationing but going to massage school so she can get her license in that beautiful state. It's been alot of hard work, long 10 hour days, many massages, beach rest days and so much food and snacks to keep powdered up for massage marathons. I will be back in our Issaquah massage nest July 18th after 2 weddings and a month of busting buns in Hawaii. The license in Hawaii is important since that is our next expansion. We will have a Wandering Hummingbird Massage on Oahu, Hawaii near or in Honolulu. 

I can't wait to be back in Issaquah and with all you wonderful peeps. See you soon


Grant has been busy learning more techniques from a couple teachers including sports massage and other related skills. He excels in peaceful, zen out sessions and uses hot stones and towels. While Elise was gone he opened up his schedule and once she is back, will be going back down to his normal availability. Along with building a tiny home and play ultimate frisbee he keeps busy in our glorious garden town of Issaquah.

Pam has been at the Issaquah farmers market every Saturday and creating ever more wonderful knitting patterns. Along with fostering, training and dog walking. Pam's schedule is set in stone 1st thing in the mornings Monday through Fridays but if you ask her super nicely, she does accept some outside her posted hours. Her work is transformational, loving and well educated being a massage therpaist with 19 years of experience. She has taken so many classes and even teaches continuing education to local licensed massage therapists. Her wealth of touch knowledge blows me away during and after every massage.

Wandering Hummingbird Issaquah is excited to announce the addition of a new Massage Therpaist Dan.

Dan is currently living in Minnesota and is moving to Issaquah in August. His interview was amazing. He gives very intuitive, flow oriented massage just like Elise's work. We will be seeing more of him sooo soon and he will be working Thursdays and Sundays while Elise is in town and more when she flys away to Hawaii again. 

We love you and appreciate each and everyone of our clients. Thank you so much for being on this journey with us.

See you on our table soon.

As always 

"Love, and light we all think we are right"

Elise Wandering Hummingbird LMT 

Bronze Medalist 2017 World Massage Championship 

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