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Current state of affairs. If interested in any of these things email me!

Hey this is Elise Wandering Hummingbird LMT. We love working with the Issaquah and surrounding areas population as our client base. I also work in the Los Cabos area every other month email me to book. I am currently looking for a few more massages therapists to join me to open a 2nd room in Issaquah and offer more massage availability. Also email me if you know someone or are someone looking for an amazing massage position. I also offer mentoring and life style coaching, basically how to create your dream schedule and have a blast doing it. I have been going back and forth to Mexico for 4 years now and I ended up settling in San Jose del Cabo during the pandemic in 2020. I am looking at land to create a peaceful spot on the ocean to massage, create art, bake bread and be free, or as close to it as possible if you are interested email me. I love working with the creators, the artists, the bodies that have stories and the souls that make my heart sing. I want to dance across your body with massage at a once in a lifetime concert or dunk you in a ice cold river during the peak of summer during a Watsu massage (in water massage). Massage makes any experience better and I am here for the experiences that will light our souls. I enjoy clutter clearing, corgis and afternoon tea. I am easy to find on insta wandering_hummingbird. I post when I can and adventure far more then I post.

Not all who wander are lost, see you soon.

Elise WH LMT

p.s my email is


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