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Experience Nature Massage in the woods of Washington

A beautiful cloudless sky the air is cool underneath the trees of the evergreen forest. It is summer in Washington state  the only time massage outdoors becomes less of an adventure in cryotherapy and more of a dream come true. Birds and the wind blowing through the trees creates a beautiful soundtrack that lulls you into relaxation even before you get to the massage table. As Wandering Hummingbird asks about the state of your body you can close your eyes and scan from head to toes. All you can hear is the soundtrack of the forest. Getting on the table its cool and as soon as you settle in your covered in soft cozy blankets. Over the next two hours slowly and lovingly Wandering Hummingbird creates space and freedom in your body that you haven't felt for awhile. Face down you nose stops working about an hour in and you have to rely on your other senses to know where you are. Face up your sinuses begin to clear and the earthy, wooded scent of evergreens fills your senses along with the scent of the coconut oil being used.  Slowly coming back to your body, all too soon the experience has come to an end. In a trance you walk back to the vehicle feeling the space inside and out, taking your time to internalize the beauty that is surrounding you. Thank you for sharing in this experience. See you in the woods.

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