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Fb LMT massage group thoughts on marketing

A. Do you have a website, fb page, yelp, Google listing? If not make them.

B. Offer free massages to friends and family for them to review you on these sites. It will be worth it!!! They are not the people that will keep you in buisness but they will give you the best reviews.

C. Give amazing massage every time even if your giving for free.

D. Don't start so low you will have to keep raising your prices higher and higher. Choose your goal price and then discount. Don't start low and then get clients and then raise it on them.

E. When you have some money, get cards and or little postcards with your best review, how to book with you and a little about you and your massage(don't be afraid to write the truth). Then give them to everyone that you can strike up a friendly conversation with. Listen to them whatever about and answer like you are interested then offer them 3 cards one for them write a special discount on it just for them and then 2 more for them to share. Ask them for 2 people's names they are going to share it with. Be kind be loving.

F. Do these things and join the fb group Awesome beings of massage and tell me and the others how they worked.

G. Be your amazing self, share you gift and don't be afraid you got this. Take action!!!

Elise Wandering Hummingbird LMT

Bronze medalist 2017 World Massage Championship

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