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How do you let loose?

How do engineers let lose, what about carpenters, nurses and bankers and yogis?

How do you let loose?

I shall share with you how a select tribe of wonderful massage therapists let loose. it all starts with a wonderful man, the hub of a multifaceted complex ever growing wheel of awesome connectedness. Via email he sends out the invite to the right people, on a chosen date at 6 pm. He asks you to come and play. Bringing anything you might need like tables, sheets, wine, weed , food. Even to stay the night if you need, but the most important is the Otis to bring great massage work. Bring your best, share with the rest. Be built up to go forth stronger. I arrive early due to transportation constraints. If you know about what happened last Saturday you will understand, and chill on the couch. 5 pm hits and he arrives to start set up. Its simple. His home is set up perfectly for a massage party with 2 living rooms, 2 fully set up the massage rooms and a open and loving attitude. He has it ready in minutes for everyone to make themselves at home using anything they need. As each person shows up over the next hours he informs them of the house rules, have fun, respect boundaries and make yourself at home. Any work he needs along with snacking , brain storming, and visiting is accomplished in that hr before the party begins. One therapist shows up after another some with their chosen significant others and the party is formed. We introduce and take some wonderful pictures smoke a bowl or 2 outsode while the others are inside starting the work. We are all relaxed because we have laughed, hung, talk, eaten, hugged and drank some wine or mead. It is a good night. At any time you feel one person come in the room the study the techniques, place their hands on the receivers or givers bodies and begin massaging. Adding their touch to the healing loving work. Knowing that a naked body is just as sacred as a clothed one, something to be respected and loved. Crazy awesomness happens 6 to 8 hand massages with Thai , atshiatsu, craniosacral , deep tissue, deep lomi, lomi and a whole lot of love is being performed in every room. As you leave you say good bye making hotspirng hike plans to share some awesome body work and companionship. things are hygge (comfy) and its time for rest. Hot Epsom salt bath, a calming cup of tea, some writing and cuddles.

This is a good night. This is how I choose to let loose.

Elise Wandering Hummingbird LMT

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