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Hey, I'm on a plane from Cabo to Seattle while I write this. Whats new or at least not on my website.

I live in Cabo part time and Seattle the rest of the time. I have my main practice in Issaquah, Washington where I have other massage therapists that work with me when it works for them. I love massage so much. The feeling when I can help or hold space for healing. I will continue to fly back and forth between locations. If you are interested in booking me while you are in the Cabo area let me know. Some of my clients have already done so and they were very happy to be on vacation and still receive amazing massage they trust. I can even help recommend places to stay and things to do in the area.

I live in West seattle and commute to Issaquah regularly with the bridge down sometimes its a 90 minute drive to work. In the next year I am considering moving my space to West Seattle.

I hope to continue serving the many wonderful clients that have found me over the years.

I do teach couples how to massage each other for therapeutic purposes custom tailored to the people I'm working with. Both in person and via video call. I teach massage continuing education. I work with massage therapists to build their businesses and I am a lifestyle coach for those who need help.

If anything I've written about today creates more questions for you email or text me and I'll do my best to answer them.

Elise WH LMT


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