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Do Massage and Make It Beautiful

Massage is so much more than an excuse to get away for an hour. We know that as massage therapists. We give of our time, our energy, ourselves to make sure our clients leave feeling renewed and more connected.

Many clients and fellow massage therapists struggle to understand why I choose to limit my service menu to one option. The answer is clear.

At my massage practice in Issaquah Washington, my clients don’t expect nor do they receive a specific type of massage. Every massage given and received is a learning experience. Each body is unique and has different needs, which makes it important to use the right techniques that are as unique as we are.

Intent is a huge part of energy/massage work and my intention is to give exactly what it is you need to receive at the right time for you to receive it. Because of that, every session will be a truly different experience. Nothing is repeated or copied. I have formal training in Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Balinese, Thai, acupressure, ballet, and ball room dance. All of these techniques are incorporated in my signature World Massage Champion service.

This single service landed me a bronze medal in the 2017 World Massage Championship that took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. What I discovered was I didn’t need a long list of menu items to attract my ideal client. I developed a new understanding of what it means to say likes attract likes and all who are wandering are not lost.

Through touch there is healing, safety, love, care and trust that is delivered in a way that words cannot describe. Those who appreciate the beauty that is massage gravitate to my practice in Issaquah.

As I travel across the globe learning and enhancing my skills, I invite both fellow massage practitioners and clients alike to experience the beauty of massage from all over the world. Train and receive massage from the best teachers and unique cultures, opening our mind to the techniques and benefits we are not aware.

There are many reasons to seek massage but each is individual to the seeker. Come wandering with us and find yours.

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