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Lomilomi.​ ​​ ​A​ ​Life​ ​Changing​ ​Experience

Everything we do is sharing. If you approach life from a sharing experience you will find there is no hierarchy. I’m not certain when this reality first occurred to me, but I can say this is a principle that was confirmed during my formal training in Lomilomi.

Lomilomi has such a heavy influence on my life and massage. For those who have never learned or received a Lomilomi service, you may not fully understand when I say there is a feeling of overwhelming pleasantness that occurs within yourself. We then transfer that feeling into another being.

There is a level of harmony, peace, and stability that is transferred through touch. The long flowing movements combined with a loving touch not only helps heal your muscles, but can help heal your emotional state of being. Helping clients release tension while restoring balance.

Nothing is forced or planned. Instead we intuitively listen to your body allowing our energies to flow continuously. Every stroke, every stretch, every push, every pull is guided to help bring peace to your mind, body and spirit. Creating a safe space for you to heal. The space created allows for me to nurture the areas in need.

There is a certain level of trust that happens during this type of exchange. Trust that both the provider and recipient are open to connecting in a deeper and more meaningful way. Delivering long lasting therapeutic effects that is relaxing yet powerful! Both client and provider must be fully present and mindful to recognize and access deeply held beliefs that may be blocking us from our true purpose.

Over the last year, I have grown in both my massage practice and my life. I owe a lot of that to the training I received in Lomilomi. I want invite both clients and other massage practitioners to be introduced to the same training to allow them to grow in their own purpose as well.

Join me in Hawaii for 2018.

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